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Название: Обновление 06.09.15
Отправлено: IrLex от Сентябрь 06, 2015, 05:16:42

Complete rework Olympiad Stadiums

-- 17_10, Complete rework Olympiad Stadiums (Little changes)
-- 20_20, Several fixes in Dragonspine Fortress
-- 20_22, Several fixes in Floran Fortress. Little changes and cleanup in Town of Dion
-- 20_23, Several fixes in Hive Fortress
-- 22_22, Little changes and cleanup in Town of Giran

Fortress updates and fixing Dragon Vortex

-- 18_22, Several fixes in Shanty Fortress
-- 19_24, Several fixes in Southern Fortress
-- 22_15, Several fixes in Monastic Fortress
-- 22_18, Several fixes in Ivory Fortress
-- 22_21, Fixing Dragon Vortex (Adding missing layers in Npc)
-- 23_20, Several fixes in Hunter's Fortress
-- 23_21, Fixing Dragon Vortex (Adding missing layers in Npc)
-- 24_19, Several fixes in Narsell Fortress

Updated layers

-- 16_19, Removed unused layers in Kamael Village. Fixed, preventing players from entering the village the stairs.
-- 24_21, Improved talk Heart of Warding NPC in Anthara's Lair.
-- 25_14, Improved talk Heart of Volcano NPC in Hall of Flames.

Adding missing layers below NPC's

-- 20_24, Fix talk Stone Coffin NPC in Beleth instance
-- 23_15, Fix talk Odd Globe NPC's in Monastery of Silence

Seven Signs rework
Now easier down into the water, and prevent Falling Damage. (New Entrance)

-- 18_20, Rework Necropolis of Devotion entrance
-- 18_24, Rework Necropolis of Sacrifice entrance
-- 19_18, Rework Catacomb of Dark Omens entrance
-- 19_20, Rework The Patriot's Necropolis entrance
-- 21_21, Rework The Pilgrim's Necropolis entrance
-- 21_22, Rework Catacomb of the Heretic entrance
-- 21_23, Rework Catacomb of the Branded entrance
-- 22_20, Rework Catacomb of the Apostate entrance
-- 22_24, Rework The Saint's Necropolis entrance
-- 23_20, Rework Catacomb the Forbidden Path entrance
-- 23_23, Rework Necropolis of Worship entrance
-- 23_22, Rework Necropolis of Martyrdom entrance
-- 24_20, Rework Catacomb of the Witch entrance
-- 25_17, Rework The Disciple's Necropolis entrance

P.S.: по поводу сундуков в Silent Valley:
-  Silent Valley has now been made melee friendly.
-  Various herbs now drop in this area during hunting.
-  Monsters in this area will now avoid pets and servitors, and go directly for the master when they are attacked.
-  When monsters are hunted, a Treasure Box of Ancient Giants and Treasure Box Guards will randomly appear.
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