Обновление 10.10.17

Автор IrLex, Октябрь 10, 2017, 07:02:37

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 - Removed attribute and attributePower from skills, not used anymore;
- Reworked "mpConsume" to and  "mpInitialConsume";
- Removed flyRadius and FlyCourse from skills;
- Removed suicide attack where is not used anymore;
- Fixed an issue that cause double damage when you use enchant duel skills;
- Fixed skill Triple Slash (id 1) enchant duel;
- Fixing typo on Newbie Guide dialog;
- Updating some Antharas debuff skills;
- Optimized code for EnemyCharge and ThrowUp effects;
- Added Blink effect parameters;
- Added ThrowUp effect parameters;
- Added EnemyCharge effect parameters;
- Fixed NPE on Minigame AI.